realization of infrastructure projects, engineering, connecting, cabling and installing complete telecommunication network and equipment


application of creative and technical aspects of Internet, including design, development, marketing and sells


projection, supervision, strategic, technical and financial consulting for investment in electro-energetic objects, implementation of Kyoto Protocol 20:20:20 in the field of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy management

underground cadastre

legalization of linear infrastructure objects such as plumbing, sanitation, telecommunications and energetics in underground and overground network

engineering and reengineering

standard implementation, strategies, business plans and analysis of existing and new companies


Our mission is with the help from implementation of enterprise software solutions to make positive influences to our client business and provide benefits to the social community.


Our vision is to became widely known providers in the field of information and communication technologies and energetics.



in application of the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity, for preserving continuous trust of our clients, partners and the social community


in the design of our solutions, in order to overcome challenges of the digitization of the fourth industrial era.


in the field where we operate with the highest standards, in order to provide higher added value from our solutions to our clients


as a result from the synergy of our staff, clients and partners, with purpose of creating values and strong business relations.



satisfied clients
years of existence
completed projects
European countries where we are present

Darvage as a family business, is a recognized provider in the market from 1991 and is considered as one of the leaders on the economic market in Macedonia and the Balkans. Our experience and connections with individuals and legal entities give us opportunities to develop our contact and recommendation network, without negative or political surprise, with more than 2000 clients in Macedonia. Additionally we are in close partnership with Slovenian, Croatian and Italian companies.


The Darvage team with their engineering approach is always correct and precise in their work. Real professionals with a lot of experience.

I really hope that our collaboration will continue. Darvage has an excellent team of devoted people who are ready for every challenge.

Great partners in the field of energetics. Projection and consulting services is their strong side.